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Preservative fluid for stored engines

FLYING - March 1998


A new preservative oil from Shell Oil Products Company is designed to minimize the effects of humidity and to protect the internal parts of engines from rust and corrosion during storage. The preservative oil, AeroShell Fluid 2F, formulated with a blend of AeroShell 100 and special protective additives, is designed to be used in place of normal engine oil during moderate storage outdoors or long-term storage indoors. After an oil and filter change, AeroShell Fluid 2F is distributed through the engine by running it at idle for about 15 minutes. The Fluid 2F is available in one-gallon jugs through local Shell distributors, FBOs, and Omaha Airplane Supply at 800/228-9400 or 402/422-6666. For more information about AeroShell lubricants, call 800/231-6950 or 713/241-2896.