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AOPA PILOT - September 2016


Thinking matters

by Barry Schiff


TRANS WORLD AIRLINES Flight 235 departed routinely and at night from Los Angeles to Honolulu on May 28, 1989. Heading toward Dinty, the first fix on...

AOPA PILOT - October 2012


There is no excuse

by Barry Schiff


THE MOST COMMON REASON for engine failure in single-engine airplanes (and possibly light twins) is fuel mismanagement. There are two reasons why...

InstrumentPilot - 88/2011


Falling oil pressure


It was one of those moments. I couldn't be surę, but it looked like the oil pressure gauge had dropped a needle's width sińce I last checked. It was also one of those moments...

FAA Aviation News - May-June 2009


Why Does My Airplane Smell Like It Has Been Drinking?


There are three things that you will probably never hear a pilot say. The first is, "I don't like to talk about my airplane." The second thing you are not likely to hear is,"I want to...

AOPA Flight Training - April 2004


Easily preventable


Avoid a fuel-exhaustion accident
Let's make a pact right now in the name of safety and piloting's best practices. Neither of us will ever run out of gas while flying an airplane...

Int. Flight Training No 101 03/2003

Yak fuel problem remains a mystery


The Yak 52 was refuelled, before departing on a planned flight to Carlisle Airport in formation with another Yak aircraft, routing via the Lake District...

Private Pilot - February 2003


Why Do Pilots Run out of Gas

by Leroy Cook


FUEL IS ONE of those absolutes in aviation, like altitude and airspeed, that positively must be maintained and managed...

International Flight Training News - ISSUE 96, August 2002


Calls made for easier ways to check fuel contents after trainer crashes due to engine running out of fuel


The training flight was planned as a circuit detail using Runway 32 and the student carried out the pre-flight inspection. The fuel gauge indicated full...

PLANE & PILOT - April 2002


Carb Ice


Warmer weather and higher humidity make life miserable for y our carburetor
It happens several times a year: A pilot launches from Ft. Lauderdale or Atlanta or Nashville on a warm spring day in seemingly good weather, climbs to a moderate altitude...

Info Pilote - April 2002


Incidents et accidents


Encore une panne de carburant...
Le pilote decolle d'un aerodrome prive avec un ami, pour un vol local, a bord d'un Piper PA 18 -150 "Super Cub". Age de 56 ans, PPL de 1971, il totalise 1 150 heures...

International Flight Training News - ISSUE 85, July 2001

Fuel, unreliable gauges, the CAA - and what to do about it

by Rufus Heald


The obvious difference between an aeroplane and a glider is that the aeroplane has some form of mechanical propulsion...

PILOT - February 1999


Out of fuel, spun in


THE PILOT OF a Jodel 0112 had arranged to fly it to Epinal (France) for a weekend fly-in. His passenger did not hold a pilot's licence...

PILOT - February 1999



Put more fuel in it!


Seventy-two-year-old private pilot Donald Kuhn dodged traffic to land his Cessna Cardinal on Interstate 95 when he ran out of fuel...

FLYING - March 1998


Switch to JP-5 would be costly


Many pilots had heard of JP-5, but most knew little more than it was a military jet fuel specification used by the Navy. Most business jet engines are...

FLYING - March 1998


FOUGA CM 170 Magister - accident during initial climb Long Beach, California


A former French Air Force Fouga CM 170 jet trainer lost power in both engines and collided with terrain after takeoff about 2,000 feet from...

FLYING - March 1998


CESSNA 152 - accident during cruise Springfield, Missouri


The pilot reported the pleasure flight departed Maple Lake, Minnesota, bound for Little Rock, Arkansas, with en route fuel...

FLYER - February 1998


Fuel for Thought


Running out of fuel is not only embarrassing, it is also potentially dangerous. Richard Boswell gives some advice to help you avoid the situation...