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AVBUYER - 08/2017


Swift Fuels Praises Lycoming


Unleaded avgas has been growing in popularity, especially as a fleet-wide unleaded replacement for 1 OOLL begins to look more like a possibility. Though that time hasn't come...

EUROCONTROL, EBBA and IAOPA - Yearbook 2009


Ensuring the environmental sustainability of General and Business Aviation


Although General and Business Aviation produce re latively low levels of C02, they are still trying to reduce this even further. While commercial aviation has become the bete noir...



Avgas 2020. The Future Fuel

by Paul Millner


When you mention avgas to a pilot in the current market environ-T T ment, the most likely reaction will be, "Gee whiz, it's expensive!" While that's true, avgas is a special commodity that...

AEROMARKT 225 10/2005


U.S. Congress seeking alternatives to Avgas


A proposed law of the U.S. Congress provides a $750,000 budget beginning in the fiscal year 2008 for a research program that is to determine how...

PRIVATE PILOT - November 2000


Joint Oil Analysis Program


Phillips 66 Company and Aviation Laboratories, Inc., are now offering a joint oil analysis program to encourage improved maintenance practices among aircraft owners. Phillips 66 will package...

AOPA LETTER - 6 January 1999


Future fuels

Avgas problem is getting worse worldwide
1. The situation today Due to the strong influence of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA in the USA) and due to the indirect influence of the EU Directive 98/70/EC, which was...