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How often do you change your engine oil?


Let's answer this as it applies to the oils and engines in our two favorite toys, cars and airplanes.


You might be Interested to know that the auto manufacturers, as a group, define the quality of the oil required for their cars. They set all the performance standards for...

InstrumentPilot - 88/2011


Falling oil pressure


It was one of those moments. I couldn't be surę, but it looked like the oil pressure gauge had dropped a needle's width sińce I last checked. It was also one of those moments...



Aviation Oil Elite Arrives:


Piston-Engine Oil outperforms older formulations in battling rust, wear and corrosion.

Owners and pilots of piston-engine aircraft in Europe are now in a position to choose a proven technology from ExxonMobil to...

FLYING - February 2001


Break-in oil


When Continental installed new IO-550 engines on my Baron, the experts at the factory service center in Fairhope. Alabama, offered me the choice of...

PRIVATE PILOT - November 2000


Joint Oil Analysis Program


Phillips 66 Company and Aviation Laboratories, Inc., are now offering a joint oil analysis program to encourage improved maintenance practices among aircraft owners. Phillips 66 will package...

FLYING - March 1998


Preservative fluid for stored engines


A new preservative oil from Shell Oil Products Company is designed to minimize the effects of humidity and to...