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Out of fuel, spun in

PILOT - February 1999



THE PILOT OF a Jodel 0112 had arranged to fly it to Epinal (France) for a weekend fly-in. His passenger did not hold a pilot's licence. They travelled in company with another aircraft.
On the Friday, the Jodel was flown from its base at Bourne Park, near Andover, to Popham Airfield (some fifteen minutes) to meet with the pilot of the other aircraft. No refuelling of the 112 took place at Popham. Both aircraft then departed for Le Touquet Airport.
Throughout the weekend the 112 was the lead aircraft of the pair. Both aircraft were equipped with handheld battery-powered GPS. A rudimentary paper-based flight plan was recovered from the wreckage. This had been prepared for the outbound flights to Epinal only. No paper flight planning documentation was recovered for the return.
The Jodel was refuelled at Le Touquet, then flew to Scissons, no refuelling taking place there. They continued to Brienne-leChateau, where the 112 uplifted fuel, then continued to Epinal, where the aircraft remained until the Sunday, the day of the accedent. No refuelling took place at Epinal...


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