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Joint Oil Analysis Program

PRIVATE PILOT - November 2000


Phillips 66 Company and Aviation Laboratories, Inc., are now offering a joint oil analysis program to encourage improved maintenance practices among aircraft owners. Phillips 66 will package its Metal Check Oil Analysis Test Kits in cases of either Phillips 66 X/C multiviscosity or single-grade Type A 1 00 AD aviation oil.

Aviation Laboratories will ship the Phillips 66 aviation oil and test kit packages directly to individual aircraft owners or FBOs who order through the company's marketing line at 800/256-6876.

With oil analysis, an aircraft owner can determine engine performance patterns through clues from what appears in its used oil. Wear metals, viscosity integrity, fuel dilution and air intake system leaks are just some of the components analyzed. Over time, consistent oil analysis will build a history of the engine's performance so that if there are any potential, detectable problems, they can be addressed and corrected before they reach a critical level.

For more information, contact Aviation Laboratories, Inc., at 800/256-6876; fax 713/864-6990.