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AOPA LETTER - 6 January 1999



Avgas problem is getting worse worldwide

1. The situation today Due to the strong influence of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA in the USA) and due to the indirect influence of the EU Directive 98/70/EC, which was put into force by the European Parliament and the Council on 13 October 1998, it is clear that the days of leaded petrol are coming to an end.

On 15 September 1999, the FAA invited the European aviation authorities and the representative of IAOPA (AOPA-Germany) to a meeting in Brussels on the subject of "Alternatives to today's avgas". The directive was presented to the attendees and it is now clear that there will be no more leaded gasoline in Europe from 01.01.2005 and worldwide.
By then at the latest all parties involved expect that the days of leaded avgas will be numbered...


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