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Easily preventable

AOPA Flight Training - April 2004


Avoid a fuel-exhaustion accident

By Dan Namowitz

Let's make a pact right now in the name of safety and piloting's best practices. Neither of us will ever run out of gas while flying an airplane. On board? Then let's take it a step further: No one we know who flies will ever run out of fuel. Like us, they are too well trained and far too conscientious to ever do something like that. Plus our flying companions are familiar with the regulator: requirements to carry certa in reserves for day flight. night flight and on instrument flights - both with and without the need to file alternate destinations on their IFR flight plans as determined by weather forecasts. So confident are we that these people whom we know and trust would never violate this essential article of aviation faith that we will go right out on a limb and make the vows for them, too.
We' ll tell them tomorrow when we give them their "I'll never fly dry" certificate (suitable for framing) and accompanying eye-catching bumper sticker...


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